All Skill, No Luck EP (2017)

by NoLuck

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released April 13, 2017

Produced, written and performed by NoLuck.
Mixed by Antonio Palermo of Underling



all rights reserved


NoLuck Oakland, California

NoLuck is an emcee, producer, graffiti writer, photographer, filmmaker and evasive troublemaker.

NoLuck's beats are available for purchase, use the contact link if interested.

In his early 20's, he suddenly moved to LA for four years, where fellow musicians inspired him to take his music to the highest level possible. He then relocated to Oakland, CA to further is passion in music.
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Track Name: Lean Left
"Lean Left"

Chorus: 2x
When you in the driver seat ya lean left
When ya girls to ya right ya lean left
When ya hittin the blunt ya lean left
Breath deep into ya lungs and lean left

Verse 1:
Cough, after you inhale your torso's leanin' left
It's amazing at what happens after that first breath
The neurons are racing like nascar in your brain
Connecting the synapses entering the fast lane
On a different level, a lonely path to success
When I'm motor boating away it's not with just one breast
Got 4 orgasms already, only just one left
As its going in her ribs, it kinda tends to lean left
So let's
Take this ride I'm on, cause it's so fun
You won't regret it I promise you'll feel like number one
On a rocket ship soaring to new heights
You've never been this elevated higher than northern lights
Brain waves stopped, like way too many fights ,
Too many shots of whiskey and too many lonely nights
Double time it up, higher than mr. B Lightyear
The feelings you gather I guarantee they'll be sincere
Sincerely high as fuck, that took a turn for the worse
Only if you let it though, so stay calm and don't worry
Exploring new galaxies far away from reality
But if I don't got it, my bad, please don't be mad at me
And after its all gone, you'll wanna curl up aand just lay
Butt naked with me, and pretend we soul mates
You can hold my hand while I let my feelings escape
I'll just end up breaking your heart like a broken cassette tape

When you in the driver seat ya lean left
When ya girls to ya right ya lean left
When ya hittin the blunt ya lean left
Breath deep into ya lungs and lean left

Hook: 2x
Exhale, inhale, exhale, in
Higher, lower, higher, head spin

Verse 2:
After the smoke converts itself in your blood stream
You'll feel lighter than a feather and wonder if it's all a dream
So pinch yourself, to be a hundred percent
Make sure You haven't floated off this serene earth quite yet
And if you already have, go on and ride the wave
Put your hands in the air like you believe that Jesus saves
Explore the light, like breaking a darkness barrier
only when you got the most bars like the best cell phone carrier
I know the unknown is so much more scarier
Than what is familiar, but that's how you tear it up
So don't let it get you down, it's supposed to do the opposite
Just roll up with me, puff clouds, and act like you got a min
Just to kick back and relax for a while
When it's all said and done, we'll all just be sporting the silliest of smiles
My lyrics are like crack, it got these junkies fiendin'
They itching until the bleeding
Don't care what you believe in
But it's time to blast off so fuck this world I'm leaving


Hook until fade out
Track Name: Everytime

Everytime we get down I'm teaching you somethin new
Everytime we get down I'm teaching you somethin new
Everytime we get down I'm teaching you somethin new
Somethin you love to do
Somethin you love to do

Verse 1:
My swag's nonchalant, it oh so loosely
Kickin back so hard that you can call me Bruce lee
I'm hella so loved like Ricky Ricardo loves Lucy
Girls just wanna fuck me like my name is Hank moody
Just ride with me, let the story unfold
Let it naturally be told and come at you like letters in bold
Call me King Midas all I do is make gold
Just enjoy the ride while I get this blunt rolled
And truth be told I like to paint with broad brush strokes
It makes your girl wet to where her panties are too soaked
Let's fly, higher than the sky itself
Chillin in the clouds, I'm high as hell
Wait that doesn't make sense, hell is below
I'll record your favorite entertainment, call me TiVo
Im oh so sweet like smores flavored pop tarts
Make you fall in love with me like Im armed with cupid's darts
And from the start it was a little different
Haven't felt this way since I figured out how To calculate the difference
For instance, I can get you hot and heavy in a matter of point five minutes
Let me get up in it, it's gooshy to the touch
So sexual when erogenous zones are brushed
And carefully caressed, you should feel blessed
When you reach the height of ecstasy you forget about the stress
Let it go, get it off ya chest
Let your mind reach cloud nine with all this herbal essence
And I ain't talkin bout shampoo
I be kickin in your door like "what up, what it do?"
It's true, im way too cool
Teaching you the ways of the Kama sutra that suits you
In ways you'll never know I knew you
Inside and out
I like it when you with the flow that slides thru
Never down and out
Make you scream and shout
This rush feels so good it erases all the doubt
That you previously had about this situation
Making you feel free to go with the infatuation
It's all facts that I'm basing this material
The pink I eat cold like breakfast cereal


Verse 2:
How can you keep your hands off me
I never wonder why we do this often
The reasons are simple, boils down to one word
S E X gets better with what you've learned
Or should I say what I've taught
But you're the lucky one cause you get to cum a lot
Come thru I want you
Once you get here I'll know exactly what to do
I said
Once you get here I'll know exactly what to do
And you will too
I promise you
Track Name: Step Inside
"Step Inside"

Step into my mind, help you realize
What's been inside this whole time
Step into my mind, help you realize
You need shadows in order to shine
Step into my mind, help you realize
That the truth is often a crime
Step into my mind, help you realize
That real shit is not hard to find

Verse 1:
I don't need luck, all I got is skill
Don't leave nothin to chance, and I just keep it real
Hating on the fake shit like fake hits, fake egos and fake bliss
Swellin' up your pride like fake colligen in fake lips
So take this
Blitzkrieg on ya bitch
Once I figured out My realist tune, I've finally found my pitch
If I was in the matrix then I'd be the main glitch
Not 'cause it happened before, Deja vu
But 'cause I kept it 100 since elementary school
Writing poetry to my 6th grade crush
To writing about a random chick I fucked after lunch
And it's all real
Real ill, true story
So outta the box that I'm in my own category
That's how the NoLuck lore be
180 degree change but still keepin' it strange
It's just my normal ways


Verse 2:
Enjoying the freedom of being polyamorous
It's glamorous, sometimes the best things in life are anonymous
You starting to love my style, so you know I'm not bad at this
88 was the year that my life was discovered
Grew up between a rock and a hard place, never was I smothered
No sugar, no spice, nothing that was really nice
But now I get to share my two cents, no expensive price
Bringing to your stereo, music so affordable, that you'll blast it all the time like it's been something normal
So loosen up for a bit, don't be so damn formal
I made this shit myself like I'm cookin' a digornio
So let your hair down, girl. Homie, make your tie loose
I be chillin' in whiskey town,
fuck the Greygoose
So pour it up for me
The way you look tonight is so lovely
Take my arm, take this journey with me
I can make you smile for what feels like an eternity
Could you please, give me your undivided attention
Listen when ya still at school, serving up a detention
or rollin' down the block with the fucked up suspension
I know how to rock the mic, there is no guessin'
I go rock hard on the beat like rock climbing ascension
Call me super dope emcee with an ill producer session
Whether on the mic or MPC, the world is who I'm blessin
Noluck is the man that will relieve all ya tension

Track Name: Take It Off (Sundress)
"Take it Off (Sundress)"

Verse 1:
I only light your cigarette cause I got love for Ya
You can tell by the way that I pour the shot for Ya
So let's get twisted up, no bitch drinks cause you can keep up
It's one of the most attractive qualities shawty shows up. With
She a bad bitch, the swishers she can split
Get lifted then reach new heights without an elevator lift
Hour body curves, red lips, soft voice like Taylor swift
Gettin down and ya know no one else can do it like this
So come on babygirl, no need to hold back
Just take my hand and we can relax
Connect each others' synapse
Overdosin like a relapse
Get me high like smokin hella fat Buddha sacks
To the point where I dunno what's going on
I'm falling in a prison but it won't matter if you in my arms
We can watch our stories weave We can leave
As long as it's you and me until we rest in piece
Dine with me. Share with me on this huge feast
Then let's go all the way please don't be a huge tease
As we walking, our hands clasp together
It's simple like we computer programmed just to be better
No clue how that happened but it is what it is
You make my heart feel like an atom has just been split
In my chest cavity
with you there are no fallacies
So if I fuck up don't be mad at me
As I undress you casually
You kiss me passionately
The world could end in this moment and it wouldn't be a tragedy
I'd die with a silly stupid grin on my face
With you in this world, I've finally found my place

Verse 2:
So take two shots and call me in the morning
Your head seems to be in the wrong place and I know your hurting
Everything will be ok You just gotta believe
I'll cheer you up with the words tucked under my sleeve
So if you're having some last minute resistance
I could change your mind in less than an instant
Fresh like an infant
No gaps close the distance
Spirits lifted
when it ceases we'll both be gifted
So come real close where I know you'll be warm
Your heart's on Ya sleeve and your shirt's all torn
Please let me fix it so Your ego I'll hem
This moment is you and me baby and not them
No awkwardness, just tenderness
Not trying to pry but you look better undressed

But that sundress...
Wait. Leave it on
And ya even more beautiful with no make up on

Now take it off
Take it off
3, 2, 1 blast off
So take it off
Take it off
3, 2, 1 blast off
Track Name: L O V E & H A T E
"L O V E & H A T E"

Hook: 2x
I hate to love you, and you love to hate me
I love to hate you and you hate to love me

Love turns into hate
Hate turns into love
I hate to love you, and you love to hate me
I love to hate you and you hate to love me

Verse 1:
When we first met, didn't think it'd get far
We were attracted, like moths to a bright spark
Got to know each other over beers and shots of liquor
She didn't seem broken, but I still wanted to fix her
I thought you were a cutie, you thought I was conceited
But it was all a front to make this dick something you needed
And after you got a taste, you loved how it made you feel
How you gently caressed my face, felt like you were trying to steal
My heart, the rhythm, the beats in their own right
My feelings , I hid 'em, was a secret I wanted you to be mine
And in time
The feeling sadly faded
Caught me doing something I shouldn't and Everyday I hate it
Now you won't talk to me, I've already lost your grasp
Memories of you tucked away like a well hidden stash
Cause when I reminisce, it feels great only for a while
But when the head trip splits, the mirror reflects lost eyes and disappearing smiles
You made it worthwhile,
From the time we were together
You were warm to be around, so cozy in hella cold weather
Since then, I can't say I've changed for the better
But honest, I swear to you that I've been really trying
Never could I look you in the eyes and then start lying
You were different from them all, and I fucked it all off
How could I betray your trust and just brush it off with a scoff
I should've fought harder, to make you wanna stay
And now I don't got her, like sand thru my fingers she slipped away

Love turns into hate
Hate turns into love
I hate to love you, and you love to hate me
I love to hate you and you hate to love me

Verse 2:
I hate it how you're gone,
And now you never come around
We were friends for a decade plus,
And our friendship was surely sound
We always had fun when we shared a couple beers,
Shared a few laughs and our feelings were sincere
Finally reality hit and we both started drifting
In actuality nothing caused it, the love just started sinking
If our mutual love was a boat, then for sure it capsized
It was like Titanic: a separation to finalize,
And sever our final ties
Again I was forgotten, this time it was amusing,
The last time it happened, my life you were crushing and abusing
this time it was different though,I sensed it coming on
I can't believe you're still in my mind, and I wrote another song
About you, it's always been about you
I hate you and your spell that made it so I'd never forget you
Why can't I let you go, why can't I just let you slide
Away from my mind, why can't the memory of us just die
Am I forever tormented to think about my first love
Or will I ever let her go? I hope so...


I hate to love you, and you love to hate me
I love to hate you and you hate to love me
(Repeat until fade out)
Track Name: Turn Up
'Turn Up"

Verse 1:
I wanna make the incision on your life, I got the knife
When I'm dead and gone I'll still be shinin cause it's diamond life
We out here, likehellafordaysandshit
Your girl can't compute why I'm so fly from head to toe tips
And she like how I come with that old school, Floppy disk
So insert it, play it, like it, add it to your playlist
Never get enough of it, love it, then you'll come harder when i rub it
Can't duck it, your opinion is my dick so you can fuckin suck it
And I know I'm the shit, melody so lovely
My bad I took your bitch, she fell in love with me, she was all over me so quickly then I got oh so lucky
Ha, what an oxymoron, I get my pour on, then post up lazily like a sluggish Goron
Don't be afraid to nod your head to this source
I go hard, smart, and brave, call it the Triforce
The time on this earth is oh so precious
Either live it regretting every minute or make it to where you never forget it
Just believe another day will come
Just breath, forget for a second everything you've done
Take it back to where all you hear is children's laughter
The past is the past whether it be miraculous or disastrous
No need for an asterisk
And I've spent a long time being sure I've mastered this
And I know all you bitches are infatuated
Either fuck me or love me, i know that it's been debated
If my star burns out right after this
Lifetime of mine, make sure that I'm not missed
Only that you sing my songs and play em right back
Best remember my name, Noluck, with the head nod tracks
So mesmerizing to the senses with the full frontal attack
So take it back and switch it up
Fuckin Ya girl just to break my two day slump
And I'm like, "Oops. Happy birthday."
Gettin into Ya mind for real in the worst way
Didn't mean to do it but that's just my steez
I don't kiss and tell so if you ask I just say, "Please."

So come on, turn up wit me,
So come on, turn up wit me,
It's time to turn up until we all feelin kinda frisky (2x)

So come on, turn up with me,
So come on, turn up with me,
This life is a huge party as long as you all with me (2x)

Verse 2:
Now you asking yourself, how did Noluck get so fly
I'm like a fighter pilot, dancing high in the sky
And I got swag that pulls, sorta like a G force
You don't know what's happening, it's all according to the course
That I've laid out, right in front of your eyes
All you gotta do is follow me for a huge surprise
And I know you want to, it's that pull I was speakin bout
You can't help but love me, admit it, both inside and out
I can rock the mic and beat harder than you regurgitate
All the weak fuckin lyrics that you've put on your plate
They'd rather lose weight, and never listen to you
But rock with me you won't forget it like the first that ya screwed
Which probly only happened in just this past year
You ain't a closer, homie, just accept it, no need for the tears
No need to be envious, cause my rhymes are sensuous
enjoy the ride I'm sharing with the majority of the census
It's so lovely, deeper than scratches on the surface
Every ear that hears this sincere shit, will start to vibe with it
Over time, the whole world will have heard this
It's a slow take over, Like the blood surrounding your brain
A power hungry fellow who can't stay in my own lane
And the one and only thing that's constant in this life is change
So the best thing I can hope for is that I never stay the same
Track Name: Make Me Do That
"Make Me Do That"

Verse 1:
Woke up in the morning, on my born day, 10 o'clock
It's a nice day outside so I think I'll take a walk
Hopped up in the shower, got dressed semi quickly
Ate a small breakfast then dipped, walking a little briskly
No idea where I'm headed, just wandering life
Still not knowin where I'm going but I'm cuttin with knife
Into the wrists of this animal of a cycle
You're born then you die, in the middle is indescribable
Feelin like a change of scenery, so I hit up the Bart
Get up on the train, see hella pretty girls so I start to talk
Nobody can fill the story, that's what you do solo
But someone can help if you need it to wield that huge bolo
That's splitting all your time, makin precious memories
Life is really what you make it, you can be plain like celery
Or live it up to the fullest, robust with a kick
Add a little whiskey and you know you got a good trip
Walking the Embarcadero, glancing at the crashing waves
Looking forward to all the times with you that will be a daze
I know we just met, but let's make the most of it
You've finally caught your bounty, so now you gotta gut it
No catch and release, baby, that shit is for the birds
You've got my interest now and I'm listening to all your words
And as you talk, I realize you've got a pretty voice
Can you fall in love with someone just by their noise?
Whoa what the fuck, I interrupt my quick thought duct
I really should stop myself before You make me so stuck

Between you and me, this shit could last forever
Conversations don't end if both your minds are tethered
Is love a naturally occurring instinct
Or did you just make me do that, copied like a lip sync

Verse 2:
Oh well. Too late. It's the beginning of this story
Maybe it'll end in flames but perhaps in amazing glory
So let's just take the chance, take my hand and let's leave
To another day where it feels like time has just ceased
Just for you and me, we're stuck in the world we've created
Worried it might not work out, if it doesn't I'll be faded
Best believe I'm here for you, only if you return the gesture
This shit's a two-way street, no servants like a jester
So let's stop and play around for a bit
Fuckin with each others' souls, makin each other trip
Is this what happens when you open up your life to someone
It's scary cause it feels like a blast from a shotgun
Deer caught in the headlights, shocked in huge awe
At everything you do, to me you have no flaws
How did you do that, girl, put this spell on me?
Suddenly I'm missin you way too frequently


Verse 3:
This never used to happen, what the hell is going on
So confused at what my heart is feeling, all I know it's so strong
So no point in ignoring it, it's time to be storing it
Until it all explodes and then you'll be adoring it
Is it odd that we could maybe grow old together
Help each other thru thick and thin, sunny or cloudy weather
We got all the time in the world, so let's just take it slow
Got a uber, rolling down upper Haight, pump the brakes then go
Hit the stop sign, light the match to spark the blunt
You are the smoke in my lungs, the smoke in my lungs