Make Me Do That

from by NoLuck

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Chorus sang by Antonio Palermo of Underling


"Make Me Do That"

Verse 1:
Woke up in the morning, on my born day, 10 o'clock
It's a nice day outside so I think I'll take a walk
Hopped up in the shower, got dressed semi quickly
Ate a small breakfast then dipped, walking a little briskly
No idea where I'm headed, just wandering life
Still not knowin where I'm going but I'm cuttin with knife
Into the wrists of this animal of a cycle
You're born then you die, in the middle is indescribable
Feelin like a change of scenery, so I hit up the Bart
Get up on the train, see hella pretty girls so I start to talk
Nobody can fill the story, that's what you do solo
But someone can help if you need it to wield that huge bolo
That's splitting all your time, makin precious memories
Life is really what you make it, you can be plain like celery
Or live it up to the fullest, robust with a kick
Add a little whiskey and you know you got a good trip
Walking the Embarcadero, glancing at the crashing waves
Looking forward to all the times with you that will be a daze
I know we just met, but let's make the most of it
You've finally caught your bounty, so now you gotta gut it
No catch and release, baby, that shit is for the birds
You've got my interest now and I'm listening to all your words
And as you talk, I realize you've got a pretty voice
Can you fall in love with someone just by their noise?
Whoa what the fuck, I interrupt my quick thought duct
I really should stop myself before You make me so stuck

Between you and me, this shit could last forever
Conversations don't end if both your minds are tethered
Is love a naturally occurring instinct
Or did you just make me do that, copied like a lip sync

Verse 2:
Oh well. Too late. It's the beginning of this story
Maybe it'll end in flames but perhaps in amazing glory
So let's just take the chance, take my hand and let's leave
To another day where it feels like time has just ceased
Just for you and me, we're stuck in the world we've created
Worried it might not work out, if it doesn't I'll be faded
Best believe I'm here for you, only if you return the gesture
This shit's a two-way street, no servants like a jester
So let's stop and play around for a bit
Fuckin with each others' souls, makin each other trip
Is this what happens when you open up your life to someone
It's scary cause it feels like a blast from a shotgun
Deer caught in the headlights, shocked in huge awe
At everything you do, to me you have no flaws
How did you do that, girl, put this spell on me?
Suddenly I'm missin you way too frequently


Verse 3:
This never used to happen, what the hell is going on
So confused at what my heart is feeling, all I know it's so strong
So no point in ignoring it, it's time to be storing it
Until it all explodes and then you'll be adoring it
Is it odd that we could maybe grow old together
Help each other thru thick and thin, sunny or cloudy weather
We got all the time in the world, so let's just take it slow
Got a uber, rolling down upper Haight, pump the brakes then go
Hit the stop sign, light the match to spark the blunt
You are the smoke in my lungs, the smoke in my lungs



from All Skill, No Luck EP (2017), released April 13, 2017
Produced, written and performed by NoLuck.



all rights reserved


NoLuck Oakland, California

NoLuck is an emcee, producer, graffiti writer, photographer, filmmaker and evasive troublemaker.

NoLuck's beats are available for purchase, use the contact link if interested.

In his early 20's, he suddenly moved to LA for four years, where fellow musicians inspired him to take his music to the highest level possible. He then relocated to Oakland, CA to further is passion in music.
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