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'Turn Up"

Verse 1:
I wanna make the incision on your life, I got the knife
When I'm dead and gone I'll still be shinin cause it's diamond life
We out here, likehellafordaysandshit
Your girl can't compute why I'm so fly from head to toe tips
And she like how I come with that old school, Floppy disk
So insert it, play it, like it, add it to your playlist
Never get enough of it, love it, then you'll come harder when i rub it
Can't duck it, your opinion is my dick so you can fuckin suck it
And I know I'm the shit, melody so lovely
My bad I took your bitch, she fell in love with me, she was all over me so quickly then I got oh so lucky
Ha, what an oxymoron, I get my pour on, then post up lazily like a sluggish Goron
Don't be afraid to nod your head to this source
I go hard, smart, and brave, call it the Triforce
The time on this earth is oh so precious
Either live it regretting every minute or make it to where you never forget it
Just believe another day will come
Just breath, forget for a second everything you've done
Take it back to where all you hear is children's laughter
The past is the past whether it be miraculous or disastrous
No need for an asterisk
And I've spent a long time being sure I've mastered this
And I know all you bitches are infatuated
Either fuck me or love me, i know that it's been debated
If my star burns out right after this
Lifetime of mine, make sure that I'm not missed
Only that you sing my songs and play em right back
Best remember my name, Noluck, with the head nod tracks
So mesmerizing to the senses with the full frontal attack
So take it back and switch it up
Fuckin Ya girl just to break my two day slump
And I'm like, "Oops. Happy birthday."
Gettin into Ya mind for real in the worst way
Didn't mean to do it but that's just my steez
I don't kiss and tell so if you ask I just say, "Please."

So come on, turn up wit me,
So come on, turn up wit me,
It's time to turn up until we all feelin kinda frisky (2x)

So come on, turn up with me,
So come on, turn up with me,
This life is a huge party as long as you all with me (2x)

Verse 2:
Now you asking yourself, how did Noluck get so fly
I'm like a fighter pilot, dancing high in the sky
And I got swag that pulls, sorta like a G force
You don't know what's happening, it's all according to the course
That I've laid out, right in front of your eyes
All you gotta do is follow me for a huge surprise
And I know you want to, it's that pull I was speakin bout
You can't help but love me, admit it, both inside and out
I can rock the mic and beat harder than you regurgitate
All the weak fuckin lyrics that you've put on your plate
They'd rather lose weight, and never listen to you
But rock with me you won't forget it like the first that ya screwed
Which probly only happened in just this past year
You ain't a closer, homie, just accept it, no need for the tears
No need to be envious, cause my rhymes are sensuous
enjoy the ride I'm sharing with the majority of the census
It's so lovely, deeper than scratches on the surface
Every ear that hears this sincere shit, will start to vibe with it
Over time, the whole world will have heard this
It's a slow take over, Like the blood surrounding your brain
A power hungry fellow who can't stay in my own lane
And the one and only thing that's constant in this life is change
So the best thing I can hope for is that I never stay the same


from All Skill, No Luck EP (2017), track released February 15, 2016
Produced, written and performed by NoLuck.



all rights reserved


NoLuck Oakland, California

NoLuck is an emcee, producer, graffiti writer, photographer, filmmaker and evasive troublemaker.

NoLuck's beats are available for purchase, use the contact link if interested.

In his early 20's, he suddenly moved to LA for four years, where fellow musicians inspired him to take his music to the highest level possible. He then relocated to Oakland, CA to further is passion in music.
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