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Everytime we get down I'm teaching you somethin new
Everytime we get down I'm teaching you somethin new
Everytime we get down I'm teaching you somethin new
Somethin you love to do
Somethin you love to do

Verse 1:
My swag's nonchalant, it oh so loosely
Kickin back so hard that you can call me Bruce lee
I'm hella so loved like Ricky Ricardo loves Lucy
Girls just wanna fuck me like my name is Hank moody
Just ride with me, let the story unfold
Let it naturally be told and come at you like letters in bold
Call me King Midas all I do is make gold
Just enjoy the ride while I get this blunt rolled
And truth be told I like to paint with broad brush strokes
It makes your girl wet to where her panties are too soaked
Let's fly, higher than the sky itself
Chillin in the clouds, I'm high as hell
Wait that doesn't make sense, hell is below
I'll record your favorite entertainment, call me TiVo
Im oh so sweet like smores flavored pop tarts
Make you fall in love with me like Im armed with cupid's darts
And from the start it was a little different
Haven't felt this way since I figured out how To calculate the difference
For instance, I can get you hot and heavy in a matter of point five minutes
Let me get up in it, it's gooshy to the touch
So sexual when erogenous zones are brushed
And carefully caressed, you should feel blessed
When you reach the height of ecstasy you forget about the stress
Let it go, get it off ya chest
Let your mind reach cloud nine with all this herbal essence
And I ain't talkin bout shampoo
I be kickin in your door like "what up, what it do?"
It's true, im way too cool
Teaching you the ways of the Kama sutra that suits you
In ways you'll never know I knew you
Inside and out
I like it when you with the flow that slides thru
Never down and out
Make you scream and shout
This rush feels so good it erases all the doubt
That you previously had about this situation
Making you feel free to go with the infatuation
It's all facts that I'm basing this material
The pink I eat cold like breakfast cereal


Verse 2:
How can you keep your hands off me
I never wonder why we do this often
The reasons are simple, boils down to one word
S E X gets better with what you've learned
Or should I say what I've taught
But you're the lucky one cause you get to cum a lot
Come thru I want you
Once you get here I'll know exactly what to do
I said
Once you get here I'll know exactly what to do
And you will too
I promise you


from All Skill, No Luck EP (2017), released April 13, 2017
Produced, written and performed by NoLuck.



all rights reserved


NoLuck Oakland, California

NoLuck is an emcee, producer, graffiti writer, photographer, filmmaker and evasive troublemaker.

NoLuck's beats are available for purchase, use the contact link if interested.

In his early 20's, he suddenly moved to LA for four years, where fellow musicians inspired him to take his music to the highest level possible. He then relocated to Oakland, CA to further is passion in music.
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