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"Lean Left"

Chorus: 2x
When you in the driver seat ya lean left
When ya girls to ya right ya lean left
When ya hittin the blunt ya lean left
Breath deep into ya lungs and lean left

Verse 1:
Cough, after you inhale your torso's leanin' left
It's amazing at what happens after that first breath
The neurons are racing like nascar in your brain
Connecting the synapses entering the fast lane
On a different level, a lonely path to success
When I'm motor boating away it's not with just one breast
Got 4 orgasms already, only just one left
As its going in her ribs, it kinda tends to lean left
So let's
Take this ride I'm on, cause it's so fun
You won't regret it I promise you'll feel like number one
On a rocket ship soaring to new heights
You've never been this elevated higher than northern lights
Brain waves stopped, like way too many fights ,
Too many shots of whiskey and too many lonely nights
Double time it up, higher than mr. B Lightyear
The feelings you gather I guarantee they'll be sincere
Sincerely high as fuck, that took a turn for the worse
Only if you let it though, so stay calm and don't worry
Exploring new galaxies far away from reality
But if I don't got it, my bad, please don't be mad at me
And after its all gone, you'll wanna curl up aand just lay
Butt naked with me, and pretend we soul mates
You can hold my hand while I let my feelings escape
I'll just end up breaking your heart like a broken cassette tape

When you in the driver seat ya lean left
When ya girls to ya right ya lean left
When ya hittin the blunt ya lean left
Breath deep into ya lungs and lean left

Hook: 2x
Exhale, inhale, exhale, in
Higher, lower, higher, head spin

Verse 2:
After the smoke converts itself in your blood stream
You'll feel lighter than a feather and wonder if it's all a dream
So pinch yourself, to be a hundred percent
Make sure You haven't floated off this serene earth quite yet
And if you already have, go on and ride the wave
Put your hands in the air like you believe that Jesus saves
Explore the light, like breaking a darkness barrier
only when you got the most bars like the best cell phone carrier
I know the unknown is so much more scarier
Than what is familiar, but that's how you tear it up
So don't let it get you down, it's supposed to do the opposite
Just roll up with me, puff clouds, and act like you got a min
Just to kick back and relax for a while
When it's all said and done, we'll all just be sporting the silliest of smiles
My lyrics are like crack, it got these junkies fiendin'
They itching until the bleeding
Don't care what you believe in
But it's time to blast off so fuck this world I'm leaving


Hook until fade out


from All Skill, No Luck EP (2017), released April 13, 2017
Produced, written and performed by NoLuck.



all rights reserved


NoLuck Oakland, California

NoLuck is an emcee, producer, graffiti writer, photographer, filmmaker and evasive troublemaker.

NoLuck's beats are available for purchase, use the contact link if interested.

In his early 20's, he suddenly moved to LA for four years, where fellow musicians inspired him to take his music to the highest level possible. He then relocated to Oakland, CA to further is passion in music.
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